Membrane disc filters, Versapor® Acrylic Copolymer

供应商: Pall Laboratory
PALL66408EA 550 CNY
PALL66408 PALL66389 PALL66400 PALL66411 PALL66410 PALL66387 PALL66332 PALL66397 PALL66386 PALL60178 PALL66401 PALL66396 PALL66394 PALL66393
Membrane disc filters, Versapor® Acrylic Copolymer
过滤器 膜过滤器
Hydrophilic acrylic polymer Versapor® membrane on non woven support ideal for pre-filtration of difficult to filter solutions and serum.

  • Reduces clogging of final filters. Can be used upstream of a sterilising filter for viscous solutions
  • Strong and flexible while both wet or dry
  • Excellent throughput with high liquid flow rates at low differential pressures

Designed to be used in applications requiring excellent retention properties combined with tensile strengths in excess of 200 bar.

UV or gamma sterilisable.

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