UV/Visible spectrophotometer, UV-3100PC

供应商: VWR, part of Avantor

VWRI634-6042EA 58125 CNY
UV/Visible spectrophotometer, UV-3100PC
光谱仪 紫外可见分光光度计
UV/Visible spectrophotometer for advanced measurements in quality control, biochemical and pharmaceutical applications.

  • Absorption, transmission and concentration photometry
  • Up to 10 quantitative standards
  • Four methods for calibration curve: Linear - linear through zero - square - cubic
  • Off-line calculation, re-scaling, curve tracking and peak search
  • Kinetic scanning time course or reacting rate calculations

Delivery information: Supplied with 4 glass cells, 2 quartz cells (not V3000-PC), dust cover, USB cable, 8 GB USB stick, software, 4-position cell holder (10 mm) and power cables with UK, CH, EU plugs.

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