VWR® MEDBAG, Hospital and Laboratory Sampling Bags

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VWR® MEDBAG, Hospital and Laboratory Sampling Bags
VWR MEDBAGs are liquid-tight bags, used as internal hospital and external secondary packaging for the transportation of category B biological substances (UN 3373). They are the ideal solution for biological and medical transportation. Designed for blood sampling sectors, they combine the highest levels of leak resistance and tracking technologies to bring real benefits to multiple analytical processes.

  • Easy to use, it guarantees a perfect seal with a fast adhesive closure and has quick and easy opening
  • Its unique opening system gives perfect leak resistance which could not be achieved with a pre-cut opening perforation
  • Leak resistant closure to avoid contamination risks on nosocomial diseases
  • Track and Trace Technology that provides each bag a unique identification; no sample confusion
  • Unique sequential numbering for traceability
  • External pouch bag

Two different designs (sizes) are available for two different uses:
Small bag (176×230 mm): Suitable for external laboratories. Patient information record sheet has to be folded in three and inserted into the outer pouch.
Medium bag (176×270 mm): For hospitals. Patient information record sheet can be folded in half and inserted into the outer pouch which has an additional flap to ensure the document is held securely.

Customised printing (logo, name, address, colour)
Absorbent pad is available (sold separately)
Removable receipt
Adhesive paper label

Certifications: Compliant with International and European standard or guideline for the transport of infectious substances (ADR2013 / P650 WHO / HSE / GCR / 2012.12 - ISO 15189). Food contact approved.

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