HPLC columns, Prevail™ Cyano

供应商: Hichrom Limited
Avantor® Prevail
HICH99329 HICH99251 HICH99243 HICH99353/N HICH99253 HICH99131/N HICH99247
HPLC columns, Prevail™ Cyano
Prevail™ HPLC columns exhibit long column lifetime in both highly aqueous and highly organic mobile phases. All phases, apart from Prevail™ Carbohydrate ES are silica-based. The stability of these phases is such that a single column can be switched between highly aqueous for analysis of highly polar analytes and highly organic for strong retention of hydrophobic analytes.

  • Stable from highly organic to highly aqueous
  • Speciality phases for specific applications
  • Excellent sensitivity with microbore and ELSD applications

These general purpose cyano columns are suitable for normal or reversed phase use. They can be used for rugged normal phase applications.

Accessories information: Use guard cartridges with holder (80101/N) and column coupler (HI-081).

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