Syringes for HPLC autosamplers, Gastight® CTC PAL®

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Syringes for HPLC autosamplers, Gastight® CTC PAL®
注射器 色谱用注射器
CTC PAL® autosamplers are able to sample from many different vial and well types and have ultimate platform flexibility. The syringe is the most important part of every injection that the HPLC PAL® system performs. These autosampler syringes are specially designed for use in these HPLC PAL® systems: PAL® HTC-xt, PAL® HTS-xt, PAL® HTX-xt sold under the following brands: AB Sciex, Agilent, Alpha M.O.S., Antek, Bruker, Dionex, GE, Gerstel, GL Sciences, Lauda, LEAP Technologies, MicroCal, MPS, Perichrom, Perkin Elmer, Shimadzu, Sotax, Thermo Scientific, Waters and Zoex.

C-Line syringes incorporate several unique design features that ensure superior performance. The unique flange alignment design aids in installation and results in fewer bent needles while the plunger button can be adjusted to prevent plunger tip damage. An innovative direct attachment design of the needle to the barrel minimises sample carryover.

S-Line syringes are the cost-effective choice for CTC PAL® autosampler applications. It incorporates a precision machined PTFE plunger tip which creates a leak-free seal. With the tight fit in the glass barrel, the tip wipes the interior of the syringe barrel free of sample, minimising sample carryover.

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