Biocide, ProClin™ 300, Sigma-Aldrich®

供应商: Merck

SIAL48912-UEA 1100 CNY
SIAL48914-U SIAL48918-U SIAL48917-U SIAL48915-U SIAL48912-U
Biocide, ProClin™ 300, Sigma-Aldrich®
清洗剂 消毒剂
ProClin™ Preservatives are among the most widely used biocides in the in vitro diagnostic (IVD) industry. These biocides are water-soluble formulations that are easily used directly from the container. They have no health hazards, toxicology problems, or disposal issues at recommended usage levels.

  • Compatibility with key enzymes and diagnostic assay indicators
  • Will not inhibit antibody binding
  • Excellent stability over a wide pH range
  • Stable in TRIS, TES and HEPES buffer up to a pH of 7
  • Level of active ingredients assayable by HPLC
  • Safe and easy to use, water soluble liquid

These biocides are immediately microstatic upon contact with microbial organisms as a result of their ability to quickly penetrate cell membranes and inhibit specific enzymes crucial to cellular respiration. Multiple specific sites of ProClin™ toxicity prevent microorganisms from developing high levels of resistance, making ProClin™ highly efficient even over extended storage periods of your IVD components.

Appearance: Clear, colorless to light yellow liquid, free of foreign matter.

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