VWR®, Microbiological Incubators, with Forced Air

供应商: VWR
VWRU89511-430EA 117480 CNY
VWRU89511-430 VWRU89511-424 VWRU89511-426 VWRU89511-428
VWR®, Microbiological Incubators, with Forced Air
培养箱 标准恒温器
These incubators provide an even higher temperature uniformity and stability for reproducible results in microbiology and research labs. Compared to gravity convection units the temperature recovers more quickly after opening door and when replacing samples. Optimal conditions are maintained even with larger loads.

  • Outstanding temperature stability and uniformity
  • Protects your valuable samples
  • Standard access port for monitoring and use of electrical equipment inside unit
  • Same size units are stackable without the need for tools or stacking kits

The PID control is easy to use, and has a large display for optimal feedback to the operator. Timer function allows to turn the incubator on and off at desired time. Over temperature alarm and a dual sensor safety concept are providing peace of mind. For data monitoring the unit can be connected via a standard RS-232 interface to a computer.

Chamber cleaning is simple, due to stainless steel interior with smooth, rounded corners. The flexible shelving system with 13 to 39 positions allows taking best advantage of the internal volume. Internal glass door allows viewing of samples without disruption.

Certifications: Certified to cCSAus.

Delivery information: Supplied with two perforated stainless steel shelves (24,9 L each).

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