Centrifuge bottles, PP/PC, with sealing cap

供应商: VWR Collection

VWRU47735-702EA 5144 CNY
VWRU47735-702 VWRU47735-690
Centrifuge bottles, PP/PC, with sealing cap
These precision molded centrifuge bottles are manufactured from PC or PP.

  • Autoclavable
  • Extra thick walls for durability resistant to most chemicals
  • Wide mouth design makes filling and decanting easier
  • Sealing caps have a built-in gripper to facilitate removal from the rotor

For high-speed work, the easy-to-use Noryl® sealing caps with silicone O-rings enable leak-free processing at high centrifugal forces over long durations.

Bottles are qualified to the rated g-forces using Sorvall® and Fiberlite® high-speed rotors, tested at 20 ºC, with bottles filled to 80% of capacity.

Caution: Maximum RCF ratings are based on using the proper rotor and/or support cushions. Without the proper support, these bottles may distort and/or fail.

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