Pre-gasketed PP end caps, Avantor SterilEnz®-II/EC

供应商: Avantor Fluid Handling
Pre-gasketed PP end caps, Avantor SterilEnz®-II/EC
SterilEnz®-II/EC PP end caps are the only end caps that come equipped with a medical grade silicone gasket pre-attached to the fitting face. This feature prevents operators from misaligning or dropping gaskets during assembly. SterilEnz®-II/EC caps work with any standard flange gasket as well. Simply remove the pre-attached gasket (no tools required) and install your own.

  • Standard sanitary clamp fitting per ASME BPE specifications
  • Certified free from any animal derived components or processes
  • Gamma-stable, for use in irradiated disposable systems, 50 kGy
  • Autoclaveable at 123 °C for 30 minutes

Pre-attached gaskets are intended for single-use and are discarded with the fitting. Therefore, cleaning validation and potential cross contamination issues are eliminated. The built-in gasket saves time, money and eliminates gasket preparation by the end-user. An easy hold tab on the fitting allows for easy on/off installation. These gaskets cannot be misaligned or dropped by operators during assembly. This feature eliminates leaks and potential contamination issues.

SterilEnz®-II/EC end caps come with a platinum cured, medical grade silicone gasket mechanically attached to the fitting face. SterilEnz®-II/EC end caps are made from rugged inert PP suitable for either autoclaving or gamma-irradiation. The caps do not contain any material derived from animal sources. SterilEnz®-II/EC end caps are available in 1"/1,5" style sanitary flange designs.

Certifications: Class VI compliant materials. Certificates included.
USP <88>: Class VI Biological reactivity tests, in vivo.
USP <87>: Cytotoxicity, MEM Elution, in vitro.
USP <661>: Physicochemical Test for Plastics.
USP <1207>: Sterile Product Packaging - Hose Barb Integrity Evaluation, via microbial immersion.
ASTM F756-00 : Rabbit Blood Cell Hemolysis.
SterilEnz®-II/EC are certified ADCF (animal derived component free).

Packaging: Gamma irradiated end caps are individually packaged in double poly pouches.

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