High-performance horizontal air flow ovens

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High-performance horizontal air flow ovens
Horizontal airflow is created using a turbo blower that re-circulates air over the heating element, providing fast heat-up and recovery times and ensuring a more rapid and efficient rate of drying.

  • True horizontal airflow design
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Type-304 stainless steel interior and exterior
  • Durable powder-coated paint finished exterior
  • Three-inch intake and exhaust ports

By forcing continuously warmed air into the chamber, the turbo blower ensures uniform heating across all shelves and to every area of the chamber, eliminating concerns about obstructed air, regardless of how the shelves are loaded. The Watlow® microprocessor-based controller provides 24-step ramp and soak capability to an accuracy of 0,1 °C. Other ramping operations include ramp-rate or time-based programming, guaranteed soak deviation, program looping, and program status selection after power outages.

To maintain temperature uniformity and stop heat loss, a double-layer insulating barrier (89 mm thick) of high-density aluminium silicate and high-temperature fibreglass wraps around all five sides of the chamber. Easy, non-ramping set point operation is also available. A high temperature silicone rubber door seal eliminates air leakage. In addition, the door latch and hinges are user-adjustable to maintain a better seal as metal expands and contracts over the life of the oven.

The independent over-temperature safety is user-adjustable and protects against damage to contents and burnout in the unlikely event that the main controller fails. The sealed membrane touch-pad control panel guards against any harm to the electronics.

Delivery information: Supplied with adjustable stainless steel shelves.

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