HPLC columns, Vydac® 214ATP C4

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HICH214AGD54/N HICH214ATP510 HICH214ATP54 HICH214ATP5415 HICH214ATP5405 HICH214ATP5412 HICH214ATP5210 HICH214ATP5215 HICH214ATP52 HICH214ATP15204
HPLC columns, Vydac® 214ATP C4
These Vydac® TP was the first range of wide pore media phases developed in the Vydac range and became the industry standard for peptide and protein separations. The large pores of the 300 Å TP silica give polypeptide molecules complete access to the interior of the silica pores.

  • Long column lifetime and negligible phase leaching
  • Reliable protein purifications, scalable from analytical to preparative scale
  • Referenced in a large number of patents and publications

214ATP C4 has a lower level of endcapping and is optimised for the analysis of human growth hormone.

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