Support stand with rod and double burette clamp, Talon®

供应商: VWR Collection
VWR® Talon®
VWRU89202-636EA 6318 CNY
Support stand with rod and double burette clamp, Talon®
This stand with double burette clamp holds any size burette from micro to 100 ml capacity.

  • Electropolished stainless steel finish
  • Graduated markings
  • Easily adjusted height
  • Stainless steel support rod

Simply compress the scissor-like mechanism, insert burette, and gently release to grip. Numbers and graduation on burette remain easy to read. For height adjustments, recompress mechanism and slide burette up or down and gently release. Clamp unit attaches to optional standard support rod with built-in reinforced hook connector. Adjusting nut faces forward for easy use. The stainless steel rod attaches to the optional porcelain base.

Support rod: 13×578 mm

Caution: * Porcelain base

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