VWR®, Vortex Mixer

供应商: Avantor
VWR®, Vortex Mixer
振荡器 涡流混合器
Designed for gentle shaking or vigorous vortexing of samples in a wide variety of applications. Use with flasks, beakers, tubes, and microwell plates. Constructed using a heavy base casting with corrosion-resistant enamel finish, units remain stable on work surfaces.

The analogue vortex mixers have variable speed control from 300 – 3200 min-1, which allows low rpm startup for gentle shaking or high-speed mixing for vigorous vortexing of samples. Units can be operated in touch mode by pushing down the cup head or in a continuous mode. Models feature a three-way power switch and a speed knob with variable 1 to 10 dial marks.

Delivery information: Supplied with a cup head and 76 mm (3") head with cover. Accessory tube holders and microplate holders are available, to adapt vortex mixer for use with a variety of sample volumes. Contact your Avantor sales representative for more information.

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