Inventory control systems

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Inventory control systems
Inventory control systems (ICS) for the K series to take vials, blood bags, 96-tube format systems or straws in either vapour or liquid phase.

Inventory control systems for 10K, 40K and 80K vessels, lightweight anodised aluminium racks with wide handle on top, containing 25 and 100 cell polycarbonate boxes for 1,2 or 2,0 ml vial size, 12,5 mm Ext.Ø. (internal thread). Leaf spring retains the box so there is no need for the external locating rod, making for easier removal of boxes

订购须知 Plastic dividers required for vapour phase two packs and liquid phase three packs, for details of the software for efficient data archiving and localisation of samples, and also blood bag systems and vapour phase insert frames please contact the VWR technical office.

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