HPLC columns, Superspher®

供应商: Merck

Superspher® LiChroCART®
MERC1.51910.0001EA 0 CNY
MERC1.50973.0001 MERC1.16051.1003 MERC1.16855.0001 MERC1.16010.0001 MERC1.16039.0001 MERC1.16052.0001 MERC1.50792.1003 MERC1.16009.0001 MERC1.50791.0001 MERC1.50975.0001 MERC1.50980.0001 MERC1.16056.0001 MERC1.51909.0001 MERC1.51299.1003 MERC1.16051.0001 MERC1.51910.0001 MERC1.50198.0001 MERC1.50973.1003 MERC1.16054.0001 MERC1.16010.1003 MERC1.16052.1003 MERC1.50792.0001 MERC1.16857.0001 MERC1.50974.0001 MERC1.16854.0001 MERC1.16858.0001 MERC1.50200.1003 MERC1.50193.0001 MERC1.16869.0001 MERC1.51299.0001
HPLC columns, Superspher®
Superspher® improves the separation efficiency of HPLC analysis. This high performance spherical silica carrier, with a mean particle size of 4 μm, yields the best pressure/separation performance ratio in view of today's generation of HPLC systems and according to theoretical calculation and practical experience.

The number of theoretical plates for Superspher® is <100000 N/m. Therefore, they are always first choice if complex mixtures demand high peak capacity.

A broad range of modifications on Superspher® are available: Non polar derivatives (RP-8, RP-8 endcapped, RP-18, RP-18 endcapped and RP-select B) and polar derivatives (Si 60).

Guard cartridges have to be connected to the LiChroCART® cartridges by using manu-CART® cartridge holder 1.51486.0001

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