Conductivity cells, InLab® ISM®

供应商: Mettler-Toledo

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Conductivity cells, InLab® ISM®
电极 电导电极
High performance sensors combining robustness with state-of-the-art measurement technology. Compatible with either SevenExcellence™ and SevenCompact™ meters (663-0176/663-0177/663-0178) or with SevenGo Duo™ SG23 and SevenGo Duo pro™ SG78 meters (663-000/663-0145). Fully traceable.

The revolutionary intelligent sensor management system (ISM®) offers the user an even greater level of security. The calibration data is stored on a chip in the sensor and is used automatically when the sensor is connected to the meter. This ensures that the meter always uses the latest calibration data.

Temperature range: 0 to +100 °C (with NTC 30 kΩ)

订购须知 Supplied with quality certificate.

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