Conductivity sensors

供应商: Mettler-Toledo
METT51344024EA 6500 CNY
METT51302256 METT51344030 METT51302255 METT51344020 METT51344031 METT51340336 METT51344128 METT30014160 METT51344124 METT51344026 METT51344126 METT51344120 METT51344022 METN51340266 METT51344122 METT51344024
Conductivity sensors
电极 电导电极
These conductivity probes with integrated temperature sensor (NTC 30 kΩ) are suitable for different sample types. They all provide automatic temperature compensation.

Suitable for:
InLab 710 / InLab 720 / InLab 725: SevenEasy™, SevenMulti™, FiveEasy™, FiveGo™
InLab 731 / InLab 741: SevenExcellence™, SevenCompact™
InLab 737 / InLab 738: SevenGo Duo™ SG23, SevenGo Duo pro™ SG78
InLab 742: SevenGo™ SG3, SevenGo pro™ SG7

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