PCR purification kit, agencourt AMPure XP

供应商: Beckman Coulter
BECLA63882 BECLA63881 BECLA63880
PCR purification kit, agencourt AMPure XP
核酸试剂 核酸纯化试剂盒和试剂
The Agencourt AMPure XP system is a highly efficient, easily automated PCR purification system that delivers superior quality DNA with no salt carryover.

  • High recovery of amplicons, greater than 100 bp
  • Efficient removal of unincorporated dNTPs, primers, primer dimers, salts and other contaminants
  • No PCR degradation after storage at 4 °C for seven days
  • Efficient recovery of double stranded and single stranded DNA templates
  • Consistent recovery throughout the kit’s 12 month shelf life
  • Faster manual and automated processing as compared to traditional post-PCR cleanup methods

Requires no centrifugation or filtration step, Agencourt AMPure XP can be easily used in manual and automated 96- and 384-well formats.

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