Microplates, ProxiPlate-384 Plus F

供应商: PerkinElmer
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Microplates, ProxiPlate-384 Plus F
微孔板 细胞培养板
The 384-well ProxiPlate Plus microplate enables miniaturised assays of 5–20 µl/well, reducing reagent costs and conserving precious compounds, without sacrificing sensitivity. That is because the ProxiPlate Plus maintains excellent reflectance coupled with extremely low
crosstalk. Also the ProxiPlate Plus well design positions samples close to detectors, resulting in increased counting efficiencies.

  • Conical shaped, shallow well with a total volume of 28 µl
  • Innovative “inverted chimney design” provides a low cross-talk plate and a solid flat underside that eliminates any chance of leakage resulting from poor moulding
  • Made with low autofluorescing raw material polystyrene, which is ideal for imaging applications using PerkinElmer ViewLux™ and similar
  • imagers
  • Modified top surface ensures secure sealing with PerkinElmer TopSeal™
  • Conform to SBS specifications
  • Clean room manufactured resulting in very low bio-burden
  • Pinch bar design, which is robotic handling friendly

All ProxiPlate Plus types have been validated on the most popular Perkin Elmer assay platforms. The range of applications validated, which include binding assays, GPCR cellular assays, and reporter gene assays using a variety of assay technologies, demonstrate ProxiPlate’s suitability for many low volume applications.

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