PROTEOSTAT® protein aggregation assay

供应商: Enzo Life Sciences
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PROTEOSTAT® protein aggregation assay
检测产品 蛋白质分析
PROTEOSTAT® Protein aggregation assay provides a simple, homogenous assay format for monitoring peptide and protein aggregation in solution. This is useful for defining optimal storage formulations for proteins, for screening of compounds that promote or inhibit protein aggregation and potentially for the sensitive measurement of molecular chaperone activity. The assay can be employed to streamline protein processing and formulation optimization procedures.

  • Validated for use with microplate or flow cytometry platform
  • Extensively benchmarked with IgG
  • Optimize buffers and excipients for protein formulation
  • Performs with a wide pH and ionic strength range
  • Quantitative detection of protein aggregates from visible to subvisible particles

The assay is capable of providing quantitative analysis of protein aggregation in a robust and high-throughput fashion (Z’ factor score >0.5). Lyophilized native and aggregated protein are provided as negative and positive controls for monitoring changes in protein aggregation status.

Delivery information: Kit includes PROTEOSTAT® detection reagent, PROTEOSTAT® positive control, PROTEOSTAT® negative control, 10X PROTEOSTAT® assay buffer.

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