BioLine ATEX range freezers, GRAM

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BioLine ATEX range freezers, GRAM
冰箱 实验室通用冰箱
BioLine is a comprehensive refrigeration range designed to deal with special bioscience needs. BioLine is distinct from other 'spark-free' freezers on the market, as both the interior and the exterior of all units have been shown to comply with the European guidelines contained in the ATEX [EN/IEC60079-15] directive which means they are safe for use in potentially explosive atmospheres (Zone 2 [Category 3]). The unique air distribution system is combined with BioLine’s innovative 'smart defrost' function to maintain temperature consistency for biostorage: Smart defrost is an intelligent automatic defrosting control that makes sure the absolute minimum of time and energy is used during each defrost cycle. Whilst the air distribution system which directs the cold air down a special plate to the rear of the cabinet interior and back up to the evaporator fan mounted in the top, ensures a uniform temperature throughout using only a minimum of energy. And by also using cyclopentane to foam the insulation material and hydrocarbon refrigerants, BioLine storage solutions have only minimal environmental impact.

  • MPC 4.6 control unit provides access to audible and visual temperature alarms; high/low temperature log and out of range time/temperature history; audible and visual door open alarm; calibration of sensors
  • Extra sensor (E-sensor) for temperature reference in the storage compartment
  • Volt-free contact for external connection to building management system
  • Smart defrost: intelligent automatic system makes sure an absolute minimum of time and energy is used during each defrost cycle
  • Access port and door lock as standard
  • Ventilated air circulation

BioCompact II freezers:
BioCompact II is the entry level product range within BioLine. These freezer cabinets are for basic storage purposes where the focus is on reliability and stringent control. The interior is plastic for easy cleaning and the family incorporates cabinets with a small footprint (models 210 and 410) - perfect biostorage solution when space is limited.
Note: BioCompact RF210 and RF410 models are also offered without audible temperature alarms or E-sensor, this lower cost option is ideal if an in-house monitoring system is available. The 210 and 410 models are available with glass door (LED lighting built into door). BioCompact 210 cabinets may be stacked or can be wall hung. Stacked 210s can also be ordered built together in any combination – e.g. two fridges, two freezers or a fridge with a freezer. For assistance regarding any of these options please contact VWR for details.

BioMidi freezers:
The BioMidi cabinets are designed to meet the majority of biomaterial freezer requirements, with very few limitations. The specifications include the major features from the top-of-the-range BioPlus models, but they are constructed from a combination of stainless steel and aluminium, BioMidi provides a lower cost option. In addition the BioMidi EF425 is available offering a -40 °C freezer version for an extended temperature range. The functional design of the BioMidi cabinet ensures easy, ergonomically correct access to the storage space. The BioMidi 625 offers ample storage space, whilst the BioMidi 425 takes up limited wall space in the laboratory. These cabinets are highly reliable with great temperature control.
Note: Options include stainless steel exterior and draft shield inner doors (help retain temperatures during door openings). Please contact VWR for full details.

BioPlus freezers:
The BioPlus range is designed for storage of the most delicate biomaterials, in situations where even tiny fluctuations in conditions inside the storage cabinet can have a serious effect on the contents.
Electrical automatic defrosting system
Special Gram Multi Purpose Controller with LED display. A Gram Monitor is fitted on the control unit, enabling the transfer of information directly to a computer
Foot pedal so that the cabinet is easy to open, with full access even when the user's hands are full
Note: Other variants of the BioPlus models are available; these include the smaller RF500, RF600W and RF660W (wide versions of the RF600D and RF660D) and the RF1400 - a taller version of the RF1270. To help retain temperatures during door openings draft shield inner doors are optional and all cabinets are available with stainless steel exteriors. For pricing please contact VWR for a quotation.

BioLine cabinets are designed to be customised to the specific requirements of each user. For this reason the cabinets listed are offered without interior accessories. Shelf options include plastic coated wire shelves (not suitable for use with draft shield inner doors), stainless steel wire shelves and stainless steel perforated shelves designed to provide maximum stability. Drawers are also available. For the BioCompact 210 and 410 units there are tight mesh plastic coated wire drawers (with two vertical dividers), the deeper plastic coated wire basket version or aluminium drawers with vertical and horizontal dividers and sliding drawers rails. For the larger upright models the aluminium drawers plus two stainless steel drawers options are available to choose from. The two steel versions differ only in terms of the weight they can hold, up to either 30 kg or 40 kg maximum. So long as there is the space, each cabinet can be configured with any combination of accessories. The 125 L RF210LG model has recessed wheels and skids, BioMidi units have recessed wheels, other units have castors (legs available as cost free option). For full details and pricing information on the various options available, your local VWR sales office for details.

Temperature range: −5 to −25 °C

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