Serological pipettes, Stripette®

供应商: Corning

Corning® Stripette®
CORN4010EA 1762 CNY
CORN4010 CORN4251 CORN4250 CORN4051 CORN4491 CORN7000 CORN4492 CORN4012 CORN7045 CORN4011 CORN4488 CORN4489 CORN4500 CORN4501 CORN4021 CORN4484 CORN7015 CORN4020 CORN4485 CORN4486 CORN7017 CORN7016 CORN4487 CORN4101 CORN4100 CORN7042 CORN4490 CORN7041 CORN4050
Serological pipettes, Stripette®
移液管和移液器 血清移液管
PS, transparent, graduated, sterile.

  • Calibrated to deliver (TD, Ex)
  • High performance anti-drip tips, colour-coded magnifier stripe and negative graduations
  • Certified RNase-/DNase-free and non pyrogenic

* Wide orifice for viscous materials.

Paper/plastic wrap allows easy opening by either pop-through or peel-apart techniques. Ideal for sterile tissue culture applications. Wrap reduces static cling.

Exclusive anti-drip tip assures accurate delivery (25, 50, and 100 ml sizes). Colour-coded magnifier strips make volume reading easier. Bidirectional graduations on the pipets provide added flexibility.

Packaging: Four packaging options:
Bulk packed in bags
Individually wrapped in plastic bags
Individually wrapped in paper-plastic bags
Individually wrapped in paper-plastic bags, triple-bagged

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