Tubing couplings, rapid, NW 3,2 mm

供应商: Bürkle
BURK8741-1002EA 0 CNY
BURK8752-1104 BURK8752-1004 BURK8755-1104 BURK8755-1102 BURK8752-1142 BURK8742-2004 BURK8741-1002 BURK8751-2104 BURK8741-1003 BURK8744-1004 BURK8743-2004 BURK8741-1202 BURK8743-2001 BURK8741-1004 BURK8751-2102 BURK8751-2101 BURK8741-1203 BURK8741-1204 BURK8742-1104 BURK8753-1102 BURK8750-1022 BURK8753-1103 BURK8740-2022 BURK8753-1104 BURK8751-1104 BURK8741-2002 BURK8751-1003 BURK8751-1102 BURK8751-1004 BURK8751-1103 BURK8752-2104 BURK8743-1103 BURK8743-1104 BURK8740-1122 BURK8743-1101 BURK8740-1142 BURK8743-1102 BURK8751-1001 BURK8740-1141 BURK8751-1002 BURK8751-1101
Tubing couplings, rapid, NW 3,2 mm
Spring/lock Stainless steel V4A

Fast and safe connection for liquids, gases, compressed air and vacuum. Rapid couplings are the ideal when connecting and separating hoses, machines, apparatus, containers, etc. Top quality, with tested reliability, small space requirement, maximum possible flow, easy operation (single handed operation) and an elegant design distinguish the rapid couplings.The couplings are available in two different materials: POM (Polyoxymethylene) and PP (Polypropylene). The rapid couplings are available with a hose nozzle, hose screw joint, thread connector or as a built-in component for control panels, with or without stop-valve respectively.The couplings are simply connected to each other, automatically clicking intoplace and opening the valves.When disconnecting, (one handed operation), the valves are automatically sealed, no leakage occurs.

Seal (standard): Buna-N
Operating pressure at 20 °C with vacuum up to 10 bar
Operating temperature: -40 °C to +80 °C

Seal (standard): EPDM
Operating pressure at 20 °C: up to 8 bar
Operating temperature: 0 °C to +110 °C

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