Macro cuvettes for spectrophotometers

供应商: Perkin Elmer
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Macro cuvettes for spectrophotometers
比色皿 分光光度计比色皿
Standard rectangular macro cuvettes frequently used in spectroscopy for routine liquids analysis. They have cell windows that are fused to the bodies by a special process which avoids deformation of the windows. This assures that the full width of the cell is usable and the finished cell dimensions are maintained.

  • High cell transmission and accurate pathlength
  • Each cell has a standard width of 9,5 mm inside
  • Made of three different window materials

Suprasil® 300 synthetic quartz is free from OH absorption and suitable for applications in the near infrared range up to approximately 4000 nm. It gives a transmission of more than 80% over a spectral range from 200 to 3500 nm for an empty cell.

Suprasil® quartz has the highest purity and homogeneity. As it is produced from a silicon compound, it is also known as synthetic quartz and gives transmission values of more than 80% over a spectral range from 200 to 2500 nm for an empty cell.

Optical glass is made from pure raw materials, which give an improved transmission in the near UV range. An empty cell will give a transmission of more than 80% over a spectral range from 320 to 2500 nm.

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