Pipette tips, epT.I.P.S.® reloads (General Lab Product)

供应商: Eppendorf
EPPE0030076.052EA 6225 CNY
EPPE0030073.339 EPPE0030073.118 EPPE0030073.436 EPPE0030073.770 EPPE0030076.273 EPPE0030076.150 EPPE0030076.184 EPPE0030076.362 EPPE0030073.215 EPPE0030073.274 EPPE0030073.398 EPPE0030073.649 EPPE0030073.495 EPPE0030076.281 EPPE0030073.177 EPPE0030076.052 EPPE0030073.010 EPPE0030076.133 EPPE0030076.141 EPPE0030073.517 EPPE0030073.851 EPPE0030076.176 EPPE0030076.320 EPPE0030073.797 EPPE0030073.070 EPPE0030076.001 EPPE0030076.338 EPPE0030073.290 EPPE0030076.214 EPPE0030073.878 EPPE0030076.125 EPPE0030073.410 EPPE0030076.354 EPPE0030073.231 EPPE0030076.346 EPPE0030076.290 EPPE0030076.028 EPPE0030076.036 EPPE0030073.312 EPPE0030076.206 EPPE0030076.192 EPPE0030073.150 EPPE0030076.044 EPPE0030076.010 EPPE0030073.630 EPPE0030073.355 EPPE0030073.479 EPPE0030073.835 EPPE0030073.754 EPPE0030073.657 EPPE0030076.168 EPPE0030073.258 EPPE0030073.096 EPPE0030073.371 EPPE0030073.819 EPPE0030073.452 EPPE0030076.311 EPPE0030076.303 EPPE0030073.894 EPPE0030073.134 EPPE0030073.053 EPPE0030073.037
Pipette tips, epT.I.P.S.® reloads (General Lab Product)
A compact system for refilling epT.I.P.S.® Available as one filled box of tips; a set comprising one box and five trays of tips; and reloads of ten tip trays. Components are 100% recyclable.

  • Optimised system for multi-channel pipettes
  • Reloads available in a PCR clean version: Free of human DNA, DNase, RNase and PCR inhibitors

epT.I.P.S., in combination with adequate pipettes, are intended for dispensing liquids in the volume range of 0,1 µl to 10 ml.

In vivo applications (applications in or on the human body) are not allowed. epT.I.P.S. and the appropriate pipettes only must be used by correspondingly trained specialists.

The user must have read thoroughly the operating instructions of the pipette and the instructions for use of the epT.I.P.S. and must have made himself familiar with the functioning of the pipette with the pipette tips.

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