Combs for PerfectBlue™ gel system Maxi M

供应商: VWR, part of Avantor
VWRI700-0887EA 1025 CNY
VWRI700-0887 VWRI700-0898 VWRI700-0897 VWRI700-0886 VWRI700-0889 VWRI700-0888 VWRI700-0883 VWRI700-0894 VWRI700-0893 VWRI700-0882 VWRI700-0896 VWRI700-0885 VWRI700-0884 VWRI700-0895 VWRI700-0906 VWRI700-0905 VWRI700-0908 VWRI700-0902 VWRI700-0904 VWRI700-0903 VWRI700-0890 VWRI700-0881 VWRI700-0892 VWRI700-0891
Combs for PerfectBlue™ gel system Maxi M
电泳系统 水平凝胶电泳系统 Combs for Horizontal Gel Electrophoresis Systems

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