PerfectBlue gel system, Mini L 'Revolution'

供应商: VWR, part of Avantor

VWRI700-0799EA 14775 CNY
PerfectBlue gel system, Mini L 'Revolution'
电泳系统 水平凝胶电泳系统
The 'Revolution' series includes a buffer circulation system, powered by the electrodes themselves. Hydrogen bubbles produced at the cathode pass up a diagonally positioned pipe connected to the two sides of the tank producing a gentle circulation of the buffer. The result is no pH and ionic gradient – without need of mechanical pumps.

*Based on an agarose gel of approximately 5 mm thickness

订购须知 System is supplied with 2 combs (12 and 20 teeth, 1,5 mm thickness) as standard.

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