PerfectBlue wide format gel system, Maxi ExW

供应商: VWR, part of Avantor

VWRI700-0910EA 16275 CNY
PerfectBlue wide format gel system, Maxi ExW
电泳系统 水平凝胶电泳系统
This 'extra wide' Maxi tank was developed especially for large sample numbers and rapid separation times. Accommodating up to 10 microtitre combs, the Maxi ExW can be used to separate up to 500 samples and facilitates error-free loading with multichannel pipettes. By optimising the position of the embedded platinum electrode and the use of the three-point levelling platform, with in-built bubble level, the Maxi ExW provides highly reproducible and dependable sample separation, free from 'smiling' effects.

The tray has 10 comb positions accomodating two different comb thicknesses. The tray is designed for use with sturdy 'end gates' for in-tray gel pouring and economical 'tray partitions' that enable smaller gels to be poured in the same tray – saving time and money.

*Based on an agarose gel of approximately 5 mm thickness

Delivery information: Supplied with 4 combs (1,5 mm thickness, 2× 25 and 2× 50 teeth), lid, gel tray, 3-point levelling platform, end gates, tank and cables.

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