Disposable microcentrifuge tubes, 0,5 ml

供应商: VWR, part of Avantor
VWRI525-1035EA 410 CNY
VWRI525-1035 VWRI525-1036 VWRI525-1039 VWRI525-1034
Disposable microcentrifuge tubes, 0,5 ml
管子 微型离心管
Graduated, polypropylene tubes feature flat caps and frosted areas on the sides for easy labeling. Amber coloured for light-sensitive substances.

  • RNase- and DNase-free
  • ATP free
  • Lot certified
  • Non pyrogenic
  • Temperature Range –90 to 140 °C storage, 0 to 40 °C centrifuging

Snap caps can be penetrated by a syringe. Easy-to-open caps will not pop open during centrifuging.

Packaging: Packaged in resealable bags

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