HPLC columns, Avantor® Alltima HP C18-Amide, 5 µm

供应商: Avantor®
HICH22243EA 8725 CNY
HICH22243 HICH22242 HICH87737/N HICH22241 HICH22251 HICH22240 HICH22236 HICH22250 HICH87733 HICH87734 HICH87735 HICH87736 HICH87609 HICH22249 HICH22238 HICH87625/N HICH22237 HICH87608
HPLC columns, Avantor® Alltima HP C18-Amide, 5 µm
Avantor® Alltima HP columns has polar-embedded phase with extremely low bleed.

  • High resolution for complex samples
  • High purity silica
  • Excellent column stability

These columns combine the selectivity and performance needed to overcome the most challenging separation needs. The low column bleed makes these columns ideal for microbore applications.

These are widely used for basic compounds in neutral to alkaline pH, MS applications.

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