IDP pH electrodes, pHenomenal®

供应商: VWR, part of Avantor
VWR® pHenomenal®
VWRI662-2297EA 5223 CNY
VWRI662-2297 VWRI662-2298 VWRI662-2296
IDP pH electrodes, pHenomenal®
电极 pH电极
These IDP (Intelligent Digital Probe) pH/temperature electrodes can be used with the pHenomenal® MD 8000 H and MD 8000 L multi-parameter meters.

  • Calibration data (serial number, calibration status) is stored in the electrode/probe itself, transmitted to the meter and displayed
  • Proven reliability and accuracy
  • Correct measurement results due to direct signal processing in the sensor and digital transmission of the values
  • All parameters are easily measured with cable lengths of up to 100 m
  • Same universal connector for all electrodes and probes

Temperature probe: NTC 30 kOhm

The electrodes can provide the following data, shown on the screen of the digital meter:
- Model name
- Serial number
- Calibration status (+++, ++, +, –, blank)
- The calibration history includes the last 10 calibrations, including buffers used, mV values, etc.

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