VWR®, 带螺纹平盖的微量离心管

供应商: VWR

VWRI525-1140EA 410 CNY
VWRI525-1140 VWRI525-1141 VWRI525-1143 VWRI525-1144 VWRI525-1155 VWRI525-1156 VWRI525-1145 VWRI525-1157 VWRI525-1146 VWRI525-1160 VWRI525-1158 VWRI525-1147 VWRI525-1159 VWRI525-1137 VWRI525-1148 VWRI525-1149 VWRI525-1138 VWRI525-1139
VWR®, 带螺纹平盖的微量离心管
管子 微型离心管
这些试管由超透明USP VI级的PP材料制成,可轻松查看管内。

  • 不含RNase,DNase和内毒素
  • 凹刻度确保准确性
  • 适合最常见的转子
  • 光滑的表面可粘贴标签
  • 无菌管通过辐射灭菌

These tubes feature universal screw threads for use with most popular brand screw caps. Low profile caps include a silicone rubber O-ring, ensuring a leakproof seal. (Please NOTE: Silicone O-rings have been used from June 22, 2022, first lot number: 220622626D. Manufacturer stopped using the MCT cap with ethylene propylene O-ring after June 22, 2022.)


Certifications: 在10万级洁净室中制造。
根据ISO 13485:2016和ISO 9001:2015质量管理体系生产。

Delivery information: 每袋500个。 盖子套装(VWRI525-1187)包含等量的红色,橙色,黄色,蓝色和绿色盖子。

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