Water treatment system, Pure Aqua Service

供应商: Binder
BIND8012-0759EA 0 CNY
Water treatment system, Pure Aqua Service
超纯水系统 去离子器
This system is used to fully desalinate faucet water for BINDER climate chamber humidification systems. The ion exchanger system consists of a pressure container, a single-use filter cartridge and a pressure container lid.

  • Can be used irrespective of drinking water quality
  • Robust system with safety pressure container
  • Reliable replacement of single-use cartridge when resin is used up
  • Operating condition of water treatment system is permanently displayed

The continuous water quality monitoring system is integrated in the lid of the Pure Aqua Service and uses coloured LEDs to display the current operating condition of the filter medium.

Delivery information: Includes filter cartridge, safety pressure container, pressure container lid with LED display, power supply unit and 2 m meter pressure hose (with ¾“ connector at each end).

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