Cleaning swabs, sealed foam, CONSTIX® SF-3

供应商: Contec
Cleaning swabs, sealed foam, CONSTIX® SF-3
拭子 清洗用拭子
The SF-3 swab consists of 100 pore-per-inch sealed closed-cell foam head with a PP handle.

  • Swab head is thermally sealed and bonded to the handle without adhesives or binders
  • Large head is ideal for cleaning and applying coatings

The polyurethane foam head provides good particle entrapment and removal.

The SF-3 swab is compatible with many solvents, such as isopropanol and ethanol, but is not recommended for use with ketones, such as acetone or MEK.

Packaging: Swabs are packaged 500 per case.

Caution: *The product(s) on this page are outside the scope of the EU Directive 2019/904

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