Cell culture flasks, Nunc™

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NUNC132097EA 1051 CNY
NUNC132097 NUNC156340 NUNC132098 NUNC159910 NUNC156367 NUNC132707 NUNC132708 NUNC132705 NUNC132706 NUNC178985 NUNC132703 NUNC159926 NUNC178905 NUNC132704 NUNC156472 NUNC156499 NUNC169900 NUNC159920 NUNC178883 NUNC178885 NUNC178983 NUNC153732 NUNC159934 NUNC156502 NUNC159933 NUNC156800 NUNC156505 NUNC163371
Cell culture flasks, Nunc™
烧瓶 细胞培养瓶
These Nunc™ cell culture flasks are designed for culture consistency, cell health, and reproducibility. Choose from a variety of surfaces and sizes with culture areas ranging from 25 to 500 cm² to suit your specific applications and cell types.

  • Nunclon Delta certification including testing on four different cell types is provided in each case
  • Barcoded 175 cm² flasks (*) with large Code 128 are compatible with automation
  • Sterilized by gamma irradiation and certified to be non-pyrogenic

Flasks treated with the proprietary Nunclon™ Delta surface treatment ensure consistent cell growth and maximum adhesion for a broad range of cell types. Nunc™ non-treated flasks are made with high-quality, optically clear virgin polystyrene with a hydrophobic surface ideal for suspension cell culture and useful for a variety of biochemical assays.

The ergonomic design of Nunc™ EasYFlask with 1/3-turn cap enables one-handed operation and avoids wrist strain. The angled, extra-wide neck provides easier access to growth surface with cell scrapers or pipettes. Molded and printed graduations help enable easy and quick measurement of growth media. Nunc™ standard flasks are designed with a straight neck and barcoding option for automation cell culture.

Options of solid or filtered cap for adequate gas exchange. Solid caps are vent/close caps with 'Y' marks that allow easy visual verification of venting position while promoting sufficient gas exchange. Filter caps ensure constant gas exchange and constant airflow while minimizes chances of contamination.

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