VWR®, Sulphur, Certified Reference Materials, in light mineral oil

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VWRC99274.001EA 19087 CNY
VWRC99274.001 VWRC99193.180 VWRC99198.180 VWRC99282.001 VWRC99257.001 VWRC99206.180 VWRC99266.001 VWRC99273.001 VWRC99200.180 VWRC99189.180 VWRC99275.001 VWRC99204.180 VWRC99267.001 VWRC99251.001 VWRC99188.180 VWRC99196.180 VWRC99258.001 VWRC99197.180 VWRC99207.180 VWRC99192.180 VWRC99272.001 VWRC99263.001 VWRC99203.180 VWRC99250.001 VWRC99187.180 VWRC99195.180 VWRC99191.180 VWRC99284.001 VWRC99271.001 VWRC99202.180 VWRC99262.001 VWRC99199.180 VWRC99194.180 VWRC99270.001 VWRC99256.001 VWRC99201.180 VWRC99252.001 VWRC99205.180 VWRC99190.180
VWR®, Sulphur, Certified Reference Materials, in light mineral oil
标准品 Petroleum Industry Standards
Sulphur CRMs are suitable for calibration, verification, or for use in quality control procedures used for analysing sulphur content in petroleum products.

  • Certified in strict accordance to ISO 17025 and ISO 17034 under UKAS accreditation
  • Highest level of accreditation guaranteed, providing the most credible certified data available worldwide
  • Suitable for, but not limited to, internationally recognised test methods and protocols: ASTM D2622, ASTM D3120, ASTM D4294, ASTM D5453, ASTM D7039, IP 336, IP 496 and IP 497
  • Fully traceable to international standards, and low levels of uncertainty that achieve maximum data accuracy
  • Supplied in 100 ml volume, tamper-evident glass packaging, providing assurance of sample integrity

Quantitative analysis of sulphur in crude oil, petroleum products and feedstock is extremely important to ensure compliance with regulatory bodies and legislation, failure to do so can result in costly fines. Analysis techniques for sulphur content measurement include wet chemistry, X-ray fluorescence, atomic spectroscopy and various thermal combustion methods with different detection limits. Regardless of the technique employed for measurement, robust analytical data is paramount for calibration and/or verification.

Convenient sets, are available for different testing criteria.

Certifications: UKAS ISO 17025 and ISO 17034.

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