VWR®, Mineral Oil Rotational viscosity standards

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VWRC99540.260EA 2899 CNY
VWRC99540.260 VWRC99545.260 VWRC99528.260 VWRC99553.260 VWRC99532.260 VWRC99558.260 VWRC99531.260 VWRC99561.260 VWRC99554.260 VWRC99537.260 VWRC99552.260 VWRC99546.260 VWRC99533.260 VWRC99559.260 VWRC99530.260 VWRC99555.260 VWRC99529.260 VWRC99547.260 VWRC99560.260 VWRC99551.260 VWRC99538.260 VWRC99539.260 VWRC99564.260 VWRC99534.260 VWRC99556.260 VWRC99542.260 VWRC99543.260 VWRC99548.260 VWRC99535.260 VWRC99565.260 VWRC99550.260 VWRC99563.260 VWRC99527.260 VWRC99544.260 VWRC99541.260 VWRC99557.260 VWRC99536.260 VWRC99549.260 VWRC99562.260
VWR®, Mineral Oil Rotational viscosity standards
标准品 粘度标准
Mineral Oil Rotational viscosity standards are specifically formulated for use with rotational viscometers and are dual-certified to ISO 17025 and ISO 17034 under UKAS.

  • Certified in strict accordance with ASTM D2162 at 20 and 25 °C
  • Density g/ml in accordance with ASTM D1480 at 20 and 25 °C
  • Kinematic viscosity at other temperatures are calculated in accordance with ASTM D341
  • Densities at other temperatures are derived from proportional calculations of the measurements at 20 and 25 °C
  • Inert glass packaging (500 ml) with tamper-evident cap provides absolute assurance of sample integrity
  • Full traceability to national standards

These Mineral Oil Rotational viscosity standards are the first choice where end users are unable to have silicone in their process. This range of standards provides both calibration and verification options for rotational viscometer test equipment.

Certifications: Certified according to ISO 17025 / ISO 17034 under UKAS accreditation.

Caution: The viscosity value given in the ordering table below is the nominal viscosity value - actual batch values are given in the certification documents supplied with the product and also on the label.

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