VWR®, Cone and Plate viscosity standards

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VWRC99413.260EA 4627 CNY
VWRC99413.260 VWRC99407.260 VWRC99421.260 VWRC99426.260 VWRC99411.260 VWRC99424.260 VWRC99410.260 VWRC99416.260 VWRC99422.260 VWRC99409.260 VWRC99418.260 VWRC99425.260 VWRC99414.260 VWRC99420.260 VWRC99427.260 VWRC99412.260 VWRC99423.260 VWRC99428.260 VWRC99415.260 VWRC99408.260 VWRC99417.260 VWRC99406.260 VWRC99419.260
VWR®, Cone and Plate viscosity standards
标准品 粘度标准
High quality Cone and Plate viscosity standards are ideal for the paints and coatings industry.

  • Kinematic viscosity certified in strict accordance with ASTM D2162 at 20, 23 and 25 °C
  • Kinematic viscosity certified in accordance with ASTM D341 at intermediate temperatures
  • Density, dynamic viscosity and kinematic viscosity quoted at all temperatures
  • Ensures full compliance to ASTM and IP test method protocols and had full traceability to national standards
  • Tamper-evident security packaging

Certifications: Certified according to ISO 17025 / ISO 17034 under UKAS accreditation.

Caution: The viscosity value given in the ordering table below is the nominal viscosity value - actual batch values are given in the certification documents supplied with the product and also on the label.

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