VWR®, Silicone Rotational viscosity standards

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VWRC99521.271EA 3427 CNY
VWRC99515.271 VWRC99521.271 VWRC99517.271 VWRC99518.271 VWRC99524.271 VWRC99513.271 VWRC99520.271 VWRC99526.271 VWRC99522.271 VWRC99514.271 VWRC99519.271 VWRC99516.271 VWRC99512.271 VWRC99525.271 VWRC99523.271
VWR®, Silicone Rotational viscosity standards
标准品 粘度标准
Silicone Rotational viscosity standards are specifically formulated for use with equipment with minimal temperature control. Supplied in 600 ml 'ready to use' packs specially designed to eliminate cleaning of laboratory glassware, which is inherently difficult due to the nature of silicone.

  • Ensures full compliance to international test method protocols
  • Full traceability to national standards
  • Tamper-evident security packaging
  • Safer working, less mess, less waste and higher throughput

This range of standards provides both calibration and verification options for rotational viscometer test equipment.

Certifications: Certified according to ISO 17025 / ISO 17034 under UKAS accreditation.

Delivery information: 600 ml of product supplied in a ready to use 'test in pack' container.

Caution: Applicable to all spindles with the exception of the L1 spindle, further provision should be made when using the L1 spindle.
The viscosity value given in the ordering table below is the nominal viscosity value - actual batch values are given in the certification documents supplied with the product and also on the label.

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