Cell culture vessels, Corning® HYPERflask™ M, CellBIND® treated

供应商: Corning

Corning® HYPERflask™ M
CORN10020EA 7075 CNY
CORN10020 CORN10031 CORN10030 734-4010 CORN10034
Cell culture vessels, Corning® HYPERflask™ M, CellBIND® treated
烧瓶 细胞培养瓶
Optically clear polystyrene flasks feature a straight neck, flat-top cap, with or without bar code for use manually or with automated systems. No refrigeration or special handling required.

These exceptionally high-yield, high-performance flasks utilise a multilayered gas permeable growing surface for efficient gas exchange. Unique design allows flasks to produce 10× higher yields than standard flasks, increasing productivity and capacity as well as reducing processing time and incubator space. Ten interconnected polystyrene surfaces provide 1720 cm² area for cell growth with an air gap between each layer. CELLBind® surface treatment on every gas permeable layer improves cell attachment and growth.

The HYPERFlask® M vessels are designed for manual use and feature an ergonomic cap. The adaptor grid allows faster filling and emptying, while reducing foam generation. The traceable serial number is printed in readable characters and as a barcode.

Certifications: Vessels are made with USP Class VI materials and are molded and assembled in an ISO Class 8 (FED-STD-209E Class 100000/M6.5) cleanroom. Gamma-irradiated to sterility assurance level (SAL) 10⁻⁶. Certified sterile and nonpyrogenic.

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