Cell culture inserts, Netwell™

供应商: Corning

Corning® Costar® Netwell
CORN3479EA 3544 CNY
CORN3479 CORN3478 CORN3477 CORN3480
Cell culture inserts, Netwell™
微孔板 插入板和插入物
Polyester mesh bottoms attached to PS rings or housing. Netwell™ inserts are used as tissue carriers, supports and strainers of small organs, tissue slices or explants at the air-media interface.

  • Handy carrier for immunocytochemical staining of tissue slices
  • Provides coarse filtration of tissue homogenates, cell suspensions and microcarriers
  • Available in two mesh sizes and diameters
  • Supplied sterile and pre-loaded in 6- or 12-well plates
  • 24 mm Netwell inserts fit in Corning® 50 ml plastic centrifuge tubes

Polystyrene reagent trays are available in black for improved visibility of tissue sections, or white for colorimetric reaction contrast. Specially designed carriers and handles permit the simultaneous processing of up to 12 samples per carrier. Each carrier kit contains eight carriers and eight handles.

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