VWR® CO-330, Portable TDS Meter, Conductivity/Salinity

供应商: VWR
VWRI663-0359EA 13497 CNY
VWR® CO-330, Portable TDS Meter, Conductivity/Salinity
电化学仪器 电导率仪
These portable, economical meters can simultaneously measure conductivity, specific conductance, salinity, TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) and temperature.

  • Colour, graphic touch screen enables simultaneous read out
  • Six sub ranges switched automatically (auto range)
  • Measures salinity with conversion to NaCl and KCl
  • TDS measurement, constant coefficient 0,5; automatic temperature compensation
  • Constant α coefficient (the temperature compensation coefficient) –2%/°C
  • The reference temperature may be chosen between 25 or 20 °C
  • Memory of 200 results with time and date; calibration time reminding; powered by rechargeable batteries or power adapter

It converts conductivity into salinity according to real characteristics and not a constant coefficient. Measures conductivity in liquids with conductivity up to 1000 mS/cm. 1-point calibration by entering the constant K of the cell or by determining it with use of a standard solution.

Waterproof housing (IP 66) enables work in difficult conditions. Small size and low weight make working in the field easier.

Conductivity K constant = 0,010 to 20,000 cm⁻¹

订购须知 24 month warranty.

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