VWR®, Professional round top hotplate stirrers

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VWR®, Professional round top hotplate stirrers
搅拌器 加热磁力搅拌器
VWR® professional round top hotplate-stirrers are designed for applications that require exceptional accuracy, stability, and repeatability.

  • Excellent temperature uniformity
  • Digital display for temperature, speed, and time
  • Cool touch, chemical-resistant housing
  • Includes RTD temperature probe kit
  • Accessories easily convert unit to a multi-sample reaction station
  • Now with Best-in-Class, Exclusive 5-Year Warranty
  • Available with a NIST Traceable, ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited Calibration Certificate from Troemner
  • Industry Leading Safety Features

Exclusive safety system helps protect operator and sample

The low-profile design occupies minimal bench space, and fits into fume hoods. The rear housing of the unit features an off-centered, built-in support rod holder with locking knob that accepts the probe kit supplied with each unit. 135 mm Ø stainless steel top plate is durable and will not crack. Unit includes a PT1000 RTD 203 mm stainless steel temperature probe, 457 mm stainless steel support rod, thermometer/temperature probe extension clamp, and hook connector. Enhanced electronics regulate both heating and stirring and bring samples to temperature quickly and efficiently. Temperature measurement is controlled more accurately by utilising an internal RTD.

Hot plate stirrers are equipped with a variety of innovative safety features designed to facilitate efficient operation and workplace safety. Unit housing is constructed of a heat- and chemical-resistant polymer that remains cool to the touch throughout use. The spill-resistant housing channels fluids away from internal components in the event of a spill. A maximum temperature limiting function ensures the plate temperature will not exceed preset limits, allowing for control of sensitive flash points. A hot symbol warning light is illuminated when the heat is turned on, and remains lit until the top plate is sufficiently cooled. In timed mode, an alarm will sound when time reaches zero, or when the unit reaches set point temperature. Additionally, if the probe disengages from the sample, or if the stirrer motor stops or fails, the heater will automatically shut off. Units are equipped with redundant safety controls, which will shut down unit in case of heater malfunction.

Enhanced microprocessor control offers an external RTD probe option that delivers superior temperature control of the sample. Stirring function, with continuous duty motor and powerful magnet, maintains set speed even under changing load or viscosity. Separate LED displays for temperature, speed, and time allow user to view all settings at once.

Certifications: RoHS certified. TUV listed. Calibrated Hotplate-Stirrers include a Troemner ISO/IEC Accredited Calibration Certificate traceable to NIST. The ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited Calibration Certificate includes multiple data points within the temperature and speed ranges and time function with the associated uncertainties. Troemner is accredited by NVLAP under Laboratory Code 105013-0 to perform ISO/IEC 17025 calibrations.

订购须知 Units include a 2340 mm detachable, 3-wire cord and plug, and a 38 mm PTFE coated stir bar. Units are also supplied with a probe kit that includes a 203 mm stainless steel RTD temperature probe, 457 mm stainless steel support rod, thermometer/temperature probe extension clamp, and hook connector.

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