VWR® PESTINORM®, Gas Chromatography (GC) Certified Reference Material

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VWRC91000.050EA 2329 CNY
VWRC91000.050 VWRC91035.050 VWRC91060.050 VWRC91052.050 VWRC91051.050 VWRC91001.050 VWRC91009.050 VWRC91018.050 VWRC91044.050 VWRC91053.050 VWRC91036.050 VWRC91010.050 VWRC91050.050 VWRC91002.050 VWRC91045.050 VWRC91019.050 VWRC91016.050 VWRC91063.050 VWRC91033.050 VWRC91040.050 VWRC91046.050 VWRC91003.050 VWRC91022.001 VWRC91020.010 VWRC91059.050 VWRC91070.050 VWRC91047.050 VWRC91017.050 VWRC91064.050 VWRC91034.050 VWRC91004.050 VWRC91048.050 VWRC91013.050 VWRC91065.050 VWRC91014.050 VWRC91057.050 VWRC91005.050 VWRC91066.050 VWRC91023.050 VWRC91015.050 VWRC91049.050 VWRC91006.050 VWRC91071.050 VWRC91058.050 VWRC91032.050 VWRC91041.050 VWRC91054.050 VWRC91037.050 VWRC91067.050 VWRC91062.050 VWRC91007.050 VWRC91068.050 VWRC91042.050 VWRC91061.050 VWRC91055.050 VWRC91012.050 VWRC91039.050 VWRC91038.050 VWRC91008.050 VWRC91056.050 VWRC91069.050 VWRC91043.050 VWRC91030.050
VWR® PESTINORM®, Gas Chromatography (GC) Certified Reference Material
标准品 色谱标准
Due to its excellent separation capacity and its high sensitivity gas chromatography is a widely used technique for analytical purposes. In order to get proper identification and quantification results of the analysed compounds, reference standards are needed. These PESTINORM® reference substances can be used for the characterisation of GC column properties. In addition they may also be used for the identification of unknown compounds in a gas chromatogram or as standards in quantitative GC analysis.

  • All products are CRM acc ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO 17034
  • All products supplied with a Certificate of Analysis and batch-specific chromatogram
  • Assay typically min 99,0% in many cases over 99,5%
  • 24 month shelf life

Intended uses:

- For calibration of TLC, GC-FID, GC-TCD, GC-ECD, GC-MS, GC-MS-MS, LC-UV, LC-MS and LC-MS-MS
- Validation of analytical methods
- Preparation of 'working reference samples'
- Detection limit and linearity studies

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