Distributor for flushing bottles, b.safe

供应商: Bohlender
BOHLM181-03EA 4414.72 CNY
BOHLM181-03 BOHLM181-10
Distributor for flushing bottles, b.safe
连接器 管接头
Screw cap made of PPS for GL 45 thread / PP for GLS 80 thread, free movable insert made of PP with 4 lateral connectors (GL 45) suitable for b.safe Caps GL 45 and 3 centric capillary connectors (UNF ¹/₄"). Version and scope of delivery as per below chart.

  • No twisting of capillaries through 360° rotation of PP inserts
  • Opportunity to mark and stick
  • Inclined connectors for easy insertion of capillaries and suction filter
  • Integrated flat sealing and sealing lip for tight closure

Flushing the HPLC installation without pollution or loss of solvents. The handling is very easy as the distributor is directly mounted on the flushing bottle. Remove the b.safe caps from the eluent bottles and mount them on the connectors of the distributor for flushing bottles. The passage at the distributor neck is sufficiently dimensioned so that the capillaries mounted on the cap can be inserted into the flushing bottle together with the filter.

For the GL 45 version of the distributor for flushing bottles, we recommend using smallest possible suction filters (max. Ext.Ø. 14 mm) to facilitate the insertion of tubing through the small bottle neck. If a connector of the distributor is not used, it can be closed with a screw cap GL 45. Harmful solvent vapours cannot escape and the rinse solution is not polluted through ambient air by means of b.safe caps with air valve. The distributor for flushing bottles can also be used for back flushing the piston and/or the needle seat. Just connect the needed capillaries with b.safe fittings on the centric capillary connectors as well as an air valve.

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