Torches for 5100 SVDV/VDV/RV

供应商: Agilent Technologies
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Torches for 5100 SVDV/VDV/RV
色谱用品 Chromatography Spare Parts
The 5100 ICP-OES features a plug and play torch, and a simple and effective torch-loader mechanism. This automatically aligns the torch and connects the gases to ensure fast start-up and reproducible performance.

  • Torch allows the 5100 ICP-OES to achieve detection limits of an axially viewed plasma
  • Handles even the toughest samples and achieves unmatched long term stability

Once loaded, there is no need for further adjustments of the torch, or optical alignment of the axial viewing position. Automatic alignment ensures reproducible performance is achieved with each operator, and helps to greatly reduce instrument to instrument variability. The 5100 ICP-OES also features a robust vertical torch in all three available configurations of the instrument. The vertical torch orientation allows you to measure the most challenging samples - from high matrix to volatile organic solvents. This means uncompromised, robust measurements on tough samples with less cleaning, and less downtime. With the longer lifetime expected from vertical torches, less replacement torches are needed.

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