Protein G Mag Sepharose

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Protein G Mag Sepharose
珠子 Magnetic Beads
Protein G Mag Sepharose simplifies enrichment of target proteins by immunoprecipitation techniques, protein antigen precipitation from solutions using antibodies, or pull-down applications as an in vitro technique to detect physical interactions.

  • Visible and dense Sepharose based magnetic beads with protein G ligand making it easy to spot and collect bound target protein
  • Non-adherent beads eliminate smearing effects and aggregate formation
  • Can be used without detergents
  • Simple capture of target protein in small or large sample volumes (low microliter to high milliliter scale)
  • Optimized capacity for enrichment/immunoprecipitation of target proteins—only low amounts of antibody needed
  • Flexible protocols with elution conditions optimized for both electrophoresis and MS analysis

Protein G Mag Sepharose combines enrichment methods with magnetic beads, for small-scale sample preparation. These magnetic beads are coated with Sepharose, a beaded-form of agarose, with protein G as the ligand due to its high affinity for the Fc region of IgG antibodies.

Two protocols are available for protein enrichment: the cross-link protocol, linking proteins together via chemical bonds between amino acids, and the classic protocol for protein interaction. Both are simple elution conditions optimized for electrophoresis and mass spectrometry (MS).

Compatible with MagRack 6 and MagRack Maxi separation tools for handling the beads in microcentrifuge tubes.

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