VWR® Safety Wash Bottles

供应商: Avantor
VWRI215-4319EA 0 CNY
VWRI215-4319 VWRI215-4318 VWRI215-4317 VWRI215-4316 VWRI215-4315 VWRI215-4314 VWRI215-4313 VWRI215-4312 VWRI215-4311 VWRI215-4299 VWRI215-4310 VWRI215-4298 VWRI215-4297 VWRI215-4296 VWRI215-4295 VWRI215-4294 VWRI215-4309 VWRI215-4308 VWRI215-4307 VWRI215-4306 VWRI215-4305 VWRI215-4304 VWRI215-4303 VWRI215-4302 VWRI215-4301 VWRI215-4323 VWRI215-4300 VWRI215-4322 VWRI215-4321 VWRI215-4320
VWR® Safety Wash Bottles
Integrated safety vent cap eliminates dripping of vapours.

  • Caution note for each chemical
  • Coloured caps
  • Ergonomic spray angle

Bottles are manufactured from virgin LDPE resin, and come supplied with a polypropylene cap moulded with an ergonomic spray angle. The coloured caps allow for easy identification. A fill line is provided for user reference.

Please read the caution note mentioned over each bottle as per guideline.

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