VWR® Water Sampling Bottles, with Tamper Evident Cap

供应商: Avantor
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VWR® Water Sampling Bottles, with Tamper Evident Cap
HDPE water sampling collection bottle.

  • Bottle made with HDPE resin
  • Natural bottle colour, with red cap
  • Supplied sterile
  • Sodium thiosulphate in powder form
  • Product labelled with unique barcode and sample collection write-on for traceability
  • Tamper-evident cap options with 33 mm pull type, 45 and 63 mm threaded cap

Wide neck design allows for easy sample collection. Product labelled with dosage and write-on details. These bottles are undosed or dosed with sodium thiosulphate, which inhibits the effects of chlorine, bromine and ozone present in the water when the sample is taken. Square or rectangular bottles allow for more efficient storage.

Certifications: Compliance to US FDA 21 CFR. In compliance Dosage with standards: ISO 5667-3/ISO 19458.

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