VWR® Septa ND8

供应商: Avantor
VWRI548-0828AEA 8732.28 CNY
VWRI548-0828A VWRI548-0318A VWRI548-0316A VWRI548-0314A VWRI548-0315A VWRI548-0312A VWRI548-0027A VWRI548-0026A VWRI548-0313A VWRI548-0320A VWRI548-1460A VWRI548-1455A VWRI548-3344A
VWR® Septa ND8
Almost all septa have one laminated side with PTFE (high chemical resistance) and form an inert barrier between carrier material and sample.

  • Fits for a broad range of caps
  • Easy exchange
  • Different hardness and septa thickness available

Septa choice depends on the application.

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